PhD applicants (FAQs)

Dr. King typically mentors a new clinical psychology PhD student each year.

Is Dr. King accepting applications this year?

Dr. King will be considering applications for the 2020-2021 application season (for a PhD mentee to begin in fall 2021).

Do Dr. King's research interests align with mine?

Dr. King's current primary active areas of research are

  • forensic mental health assessment (including general criminogenic and violence risk assessment);
  • correctional rehabilitation (including technological solutions);
  • mental health law (including legal research concerning forensic mental health practice); and
  • police and public safety psychology (including preemployment psychological screening and multicultural issues).

There are typically numerous research and other writing projects going on in Dr. King's lab at any given time.

Dr. King's publications can be viewed using Google Scholar.

You can also review Dr. King's CV and MSU faculty profile page for more information about some of his current research projects.

Should I contact Dr. King about my interest in MSU's PhD Program in Clinical Psychology?

While prospective PhD applicants are welcome to contact Dr. King to ask questions that are not answered on this website or in the PhD Program Handbook, doing so will not impact one's chances of selection for an interview or admission. Dr. King will review all applications that indicate him as a potential mentor, without any consideration of whether a student had previously contacted him about their interest.