Apply (MSU students)

Application timeline:

MSU students who are interested in obtaining a research assistant position in Dr. King's lab are encouraged to apply in the summer prior to the fall term in which they hope to begin work in the lab. Although interested students may also apply ahead of the spring term, there may not be any RA openings in the spring term.

Preference for MSU students:

Preference is given to MSU master's clinical psychology students and undergraduate psychology students over all other students.

Note for non-MSU students, including high school students: Among other reasons, due to his primary obligation to MSU students, many of whom are interested in his research lab, Dr. King very rarely invites non-MSU students to join his lab.

Reminder as to expectations:

RA applicants must keep in mind that they will be expected to devote 10 hours to lab work per week (including on site as needed). This includes attending an approximately hour-long weekly morning lab meeting. Initial RA appointments are for one semester, but RAs who perform adequately can continue to work in the lab for as long as approved by Dr. King.

Materials to submit:

Students interested in working as RAs should email Dr. King directly ( with a resume/CV and cover letter. In the cover letter, describe the following.

  • Whether you are an MSU student.
  • What year you are in (i.e., freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, first-year master's student, second-year master's student).
  • Why you are applying for an RA position in Dr. King's lab, specifically.
  • If you are a BA/MA student seeking to eventually complete a master's thesis under Dr. King's supervision.
  • Any relevant prior experiences you may have.
  • What your graduate school and career objectives are.
  • What you hope to get out of the experience.