Letters of recommendation

About letters of recommendation:

Dr. King typically only writes letters of recommendation for students whom he has supervised in research or clinical practice, and who wish to go on to graduate study in human services (typically psychology but sometimes also social work or other disciplines that provide clinical services), law, or criminal justice. Part of this process involves personalized advising and feedback about a student's application plan and materials.

Whether Dr. King will write you a letter of recommendation:

As Dr. King is unable to provide strong letters of recommendation for students whom he has only had in class, he tends to decline such requests or strongly cautions students about relying on such a letter.


If you are an RA and wish to request letters of recommendation from Dr. King, you must generally do so 3 months before they are due (so in September for December application due dates, October for January due dates, December for March due dates, and so on).

Materials to submit:

Please provide Dr. King with drafts of all of the following at the same time as your request.

  • Personal essay
  • CV
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Document containing bullet-points of things I might¬†highlight¬†about you in your letter of recommendation
  • Document containing a listing of programs to which you are applying (with web links), and, if applicable, the faculty with whom you are hoping to work (with web links)