Chris King, JD, PhD

Dr. King is an assistant professor of psychology at Montclair State University, where he teaches and conducts research primarily related to adult and juvenile clinical-forensic psychology, correctional psychology, public safety psychology, and mental health law.

He received his JD and PhD in clinical psychology with a forensic concentration from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although a non-resident active lawyer in Pennsylvania, Dr. King does not currently practice law. Instead, he utilizes his legal training for conducting legal research relevant to the intersection of applied psychology and law.

Besides research, Dr. King also teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in forensic mental health assessment, forensic and correctional treatment, and law and psychology. In addition, he currently engages in clinical work as a three-year supervised permit holder in the areas of therapeutic assessment, cognitive behavior therapy for adolescents and adults with complex psychological problems, and public safety psychological screening.

Research Assistants

Dr. King's lab is staffed by his PhD mentee, master's students in clinical psychology, and undergraduate students.

The Spring 2018 RA team consists of

  • Jill Del Pozzo (PhD student)
  • Jessica Mattera (MA student)
  • Kaitlyn Komar (MA student)
  • Tristin Faust (MA student)
  • Angelo Menezes Guterres Aparicio (MA student)
  • Dwight Ceballo (MA student)
  • Alexandria Lopez (MA student)
  • Lissette Labol (MA student)
  • Joseph Faulborn (MA student)
  • Ryan Brady (BA student)
  • Bethany Trilone (BA student)
  • Alma Munoz-Enriquez (BA student)
  • Paola Peralta (BA student)
  • Brianna Doerflein (BA student)
  • Anastasia Hagel (BA student)
  • Jennifer Aguirre (BA student)

Interested MSU Students

Students interested in working as RAs for the Summer or Fall 2018 Terms, whom must be able to devote up to 10 hours per week as needed, should email Dr. King directly with a resume/CV and cover letter. In the cover letter, describe why you are applying for an RA position in Dr. King's lab, specifically; any relevant prior experiences you may have; what your graduate school and career objectives are; and what you hope to get out of the experience.

Prospective PhD Applicants

Dr. King typically mentors a new clinical psychology PhD student each year.

Alma's Future Research Assistant