Research assistants

2020 AP-LS Conference. Pictured (L to R): Jill Del Pozzo, Lauren Grove, Kenny Gonzalez, Sarah Hitchcock, Brooke Stettler, Tristin Faust, and Dr. King

Dr. King's lab is staffed by his PhD mentees, master's students in clinical psychology, and undergraduate students.

The RA team as of fall 2021 consists of the following individuals.

PhD students (mentoring or co-mentoring):

  • Brooke Stettler: Interests: Forensic psychology, forensic interviewing
  • Jill Del Pozzo: Interests: Schizotypy, violence risk assessment; Thesis and dissertation topic: risk factors for worsening schizotypy
  • Kenny Gonzalez: Interests: Multicultural/diversity and forensic psychology and police and public safety psychology; Dissertation topic: multiculturally sensitive police preemployment psychological screening
  • Lauren Grove: Interests: Juvenile transfer, juvenile competence; Dissertation topic: developmental maturity and criminal sophistication among justice-involved and non-justice-involved youth and young adults
  • Rachel Bomysoad: Interests: Risk assessment, forensic interviewing
  • Sana Vora: Interests: Correctional psychology, neuropsychology

MA students:

  • Caitlin Wilson: Interests: forensic psychology
  • Chinwe Ossai: Interests: forensic psychology, risk assessment, juvenile competence
  • Julia Stratton: Interests: forensic psychology
  • Loumarie Vasquez: Interests: juvenile forensic psychology
  • Nicole Guevara: Interests: forensic psychology
  • Samantha Matthews: Interests: forensic psychology
  • Sarah Hitchcock: Interests: Dialectical Behavior Therapy, forensic psychology

BA students:

  • Emily Dunn: Interests: forensic psychology
  • Jada Brown: Interests: forensic and clinical services
  • Sam Wyzykowski: Interests: forensic psychology

Former students (still working in lab):

  • Ivysmeralys Morales (MA): Interests: forensic psychology

Former students (working or in other graduate programs):

Alexandria Lopez (MA); Alma Munoz-Enriquez (BA); Amanda Palardy (MA); Ambiorix Ramirez (MA); Anastasia Hagel (BA); Angelo Menendez (MA); Brianna Doerflein (BA); Brittany Trilone (BA); Dwight Ceballo (MA); Jessica Mattera (MA); Joanna Tilson (MA); Joseph Faulborn (MA); Kaitlyn Komar (MA); Leanna Ward (BA); Lissette Labol (MA); Micah Meyers (BA); Niasha Wade (MA); Paola Peralta (BA); Ryan Brady (MA); Shannon Burke (BA); Trisin Faust (MA)

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