Dr. King chaired a symposium at the 2022 IAFMHS Conference

Dr. King chaired a symposium, presented a symposium paper, and co-authored another symposium paper at the 2022 International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services (IAFMHS) Conference in Berlin, Germany, held June 14–16, 2022.

The symposium was titled The Current Variability of Insanity Approaches Across the United States and Relative to Europe.

Dr. King was the first author of the symposium paper titled 51+ “Little Countries”: Current Insanity Approaches Across United States Jurisdictions.

He also was a co-author of the symposium paper titled Recent Insanity Decisions by the Supreme Court of the United States: M’Naghten is Not the Floor.

Other contributors to the symposium were as follows: Dr. Ira Packer (University of Massachusetts Medical School); Ms. Shelby Taylor (law student at University of Alabama School of Law); Ms. Ivysmeralys Morales (former MA student at Montclair State University and current RA in Dr. King’s lab); Dr. Danielle Rynczak (University of Massachusetts Medical School); Dr. Lauren Kois (University of Alabama); Dr. Michiel van der Wolf (Universiteit Leiden in the Netherlands); and Dr. Hjalmar van Marle (Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands).